Best diffusers for essential oils, a review guide to nebulizers and ultrasonics

Best diffusers for essential oils

In this article I’ll be reviewing the best diffusers for essential oils, this guide will be covering products priced from around $75 and up. This guide will be featuring nebulizing and ultrasonic diffusers, the second part of the article will be covering the use’s and different types of diffusers. Everyone loves their home to smell pleasant and nice, these super little devices can leave your kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom with a lovely aroma all day long!

The best nebulizer, Herba Terra Organics Professional Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer

Diffusers for essential oils

Herba Terra Organics Professional Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer

If you are looking for essential oil diffuser for therapeutic benefits, then this Herba Terra nebulizer is the best available today. The diffuser is made from sturdy aluminium and comes in two choices of color, black and silver. There is a handy remote control and it can be controlled via the unit too. The modern sleek design will suit most homes, in fact you could mistake it for a Bluetooth speaker. The unit runs very quiet and does not consume too much oil, although the more you use it, the more oil it will use. Running the diffuser for a few hours a day using the 30 seconds or 60 seconds timer will leave a pleasant aroma for hours and hours. The unit will cover a large area of at least 1000 to 2000 square foot.

Our verdict 4.7/5.0

  • 1000 square foot coverage
  • 3 lbs in weight
  • Remote control
  • Black or silver colors
  • 8000 hours of use from the pump
  • Price $$$$

2nd best nebulizer, Organic Aromas Exquisite Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser 

Diffusers for essential oils

Organic Aromas Exquisite Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Our second choice of nebulizing diffuser is from Organic Aromas that features a hardwood base, a glass reservoir and a white LED mood light. The unit stands 10 inches in height and has a width of 4 inches at the base. There are different settings for the amount of oil that you want to be dissipated into the air, 2 minutes On, 1 minute Off and for 2-hours then shuts off completely. Regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly. The nebulizing diffuser is excellent value for money and comes with a 12 month parts and service warranty

Our verdict, 4.6/5.0

  • 800 square foot coverage
  • 1.4 lbs in weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • Black, Red, White colors
  • White LED lighting
  • Price $$

3rd best nebulizer, Fresh Aromas Nebulizing Aromatherapy Glass Diffuser

Diffusers for essential oils

Fresh Aromas Nebulizing Aromatherapy Glass Diffuser

This nebulizing diffuser features a wood base and a glass core, it comes in two different finishes, Beech wood and Mahogany. The diffuser has a knob to adjust the intensity of the aromatic vapors and has an auto shut off feature after three 10 minutes on, 30 minutes off cycles. It does tend to get a little noisy at higher intensities, but it is good value for money never the less. The design of the nebulizer means it looks great as a standalone piece of furniture and the two wood shades will compliment most kitchens, bedrooms, living and dining rooms.

Our verdict, 4.6/5.0

  • 1.2 lbs in weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • Beech wood and Mahogany colors
  • Price $$


The best ultrasonic, Serene House Ultrasonic Scentilizer Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Diffusers for essential oils

Serene House Ultrasonic Scentilizer Aromatherapy Diffuser

Our number one choice of ultrasonic is from Serene House, this modern and elegant looking diffuser is made from porcelain with a frosted glass dome. The diffuser has a LED light which switches between different colors and has a built in speaker with a USB port. The speaker function enables you to play internal pre-programmed music or to connect to a MP3 player or a phone via USB. This ultrasonic diffuser is expensive compared to most others, but it’s built with quality materials, has a remote control for ease of use and the internal speaker is a superb way of enhancing the aroma of the essential oils.

Our verdict, 5.0/5.0

  • 5.9 lbs in weight
  • Donut white color
  • Remote control
  • Internal speaker
  • Price $$$

2nd best ultrasonic, DiffuserWorld Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 

Diffusers for essential oils

DiffuserWorld Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

My last choice of ultrasonic diffuser is by DiffuserWorld, this is one of the few models that is made in the USA. It can be noisy at higher outputs, but the diffuser does manage to fill a whole room with pleasant aromas for hours. There is no timer on this diffuser, so you will need to manually turn it off when you are finished. It is good value for money and is sturdily built, plus very easy to use. If you are after a workhouse of a diffuser, but without the good looks, then this will be for you.

Our verdict 4.6/5.0

  • 2lbs in weight
  • White color
  • Made in the USA
  • Price $$


3rd best ultrasonic, Seneo Ultrasonic Oil diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier 

Diffusers for essential oils

Seneo Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

This is a fantastic ultrasonic diffuser that is easy to use, there are just buttons to operate it, one for controlling the mist and the other for controlling the light. There are seven different LED light colors to choose from or if you prefer no light at all. The diffuser is ultra quiet and it can keep on diffusing aroma continuously for 4 or 5 hours, the unit will turn off when there is no water left. The reservoir tank holds 100ml and it is exceptional good value for money.

Our verdict 4.6/5.0

  • 7 mood LED light colors
  • 12 month warranty
  • Price $$


What are Nebulizing and Ultrasonic diffusers for?

Nebulizing and Ultrasonic diffusers are basically electrically powered devices that help disperse essential oils and negative ions in the air. They do this by triggering a series of reactions that cause the molecules of essential oils to break down into micro molecules, which they then diffuse into the air in the form of negative ions. These negative ions come in contact with the harmful positive ions in the air in your home, get attached to them, and in turn purify your home.

The Science Behind

Ultrasonic diffusers are fed with essential oil and water. The essential oils, being oils, float on the surface of the water, and when hooked on to a source of electricity, the diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the water, which causes a separation of the ions of the water and then leads to expulsion of the negative ions, along with the essential oils.

Nebulizing diffusers differ from Ultrasonic diffusers in that they do not use water, but instead use a pressurized high speed air stream. Nebulizing or Atomizing diffusers are considered to be the best as they have the most therapeutic benefits.

Once the negative ions are released into the air, they bind with the positively charged free radicals, and at the same time, also freshen the air naturally by carrying with them some moisture and essential oils traces.

Reasons to use a nebulizing or an ultrasonic diffuser

As opposed to other alternatives, nebulizing and ultrasonic diffusers do not make use of any heat on the essential oils, which preserves their therapeutic benefits. In addition, they are relatively easy to clean and handle, and create a healthier environment in the home with minimal effort.

How do diffusers work?

All essential oil diffusers, including nebulizing and ultrasonic diffusers, work by a simple process of breaking down the essential oils into smaller molecules and then expelling them out in the air. These oils, when break down into smaller molecules, help improve the quality of air, add freshness to it, and offer health benefits as well.

Depending upon the density and amount of essential oil used, the molecules can stay in the air for as long as a few hours.

What are the different types of diffusers?

Nebulizing or atomizing diffusers are generally more expensive than ultrasonic and heat diffusers. These cold air diffusers work by using room-temperature air to blow the oil into a nebulizer where it is vaporized. They can be a bit tricky to clean.

Ultrasonic diffusers are among the most popular ones and make use of electronic frequencies to generate and disperse the negative ions. These diffusers are easier to clean and do not use as much oil as an nebulizer, generally they are cheaper than nebulizers as well.

Heat diffusers, as the name suggests, make use of heat to disperse the essential oils and negative ions into the air, while evaporative diffusers make use of a fan to blow the air through a pad or a filter which vaporizes the oil on the pad. This type of diffuser is the least effective for health benefits.

Why are electronic diffusers the best?

Ultrasonic diffusers are the obvious better choice over other essential oil diffusers out there, and for many reasons.

  • They are super easy to use.
  • They are easier to clean and manage.
  • They disperse negative ions and essential oils better and cover a larger area of your home.
  • The air saturation percentage associated with ultrasonic diffusers is high.
  • They have low noise level associated with their use.
  • They break down any kind of essential oil effectively, regardless of its viscosity.
  • They have high oil capacity.

If you need the more therapeutic benefits of a nebulizing diffuser, then a more expensive model will be required as cheaper products can be noisy.

The benefits of using a nebulizer or an ultrasonic diffuser

If you haven’t yet considered getting a nebulizer or a ultrasonic diffuser, now’s the time to do it! You’d be surprised at how effective this little device can turn out to be in boosting so many aspects of your health. Here’s how nebulzing and ultrasonic diffusers generally help.

  • They purify the air naturally, and create a healthy living environment.
  • They remove bad odor effectively.
  • They create a relaxing and calming environment in your home.
  • When used in a workspace setting, their use can help improve mental clarity, boost concentration and enhance productivity.
  • When used in the bedroom, they can help induce relaxing sleep, especially for children and adults prone to insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Their use also helps ease tension, anxiety and stress.
  • They help improve overall health and wellness.

Quick tips to use a nebulizing or an ultrasonic diffuser

If you’ve never used a nebulizing or an ultrasonic diffuser before, you may be confused how to get it to work in the right way. To help you out with just that, here’s are some quick and actionable tips to get started on.

  • First time users can start by diffusing for 15-20 minutes a day and then scale it up and increase the frequency later by diffusing the oils for 15 minutes every hour.
  • Fill up the diffuser tank with distilled or filtered water and add 2-3 drops of any essential oil for a small room, or 6-9 drops for a bigger room to it, and then place the cover back.
  • Plug this into a power source and press and hold the diffusing power button for 2 seconds or as directed by your diffuser.
  • You can add any type of essential oil to your diffuser and reap its benefits.

The end of diffusers for essential oils

If you are looking for more environmentally friendly material for you diffuser then why not check out these bamboo diffusers that I saw yesterday on this Facebook group for The Bamboo Bazaar.

I hope you found this article interesting and informative, please feel free to leave a comment and if you enjoyed this article, then why not read some of our other articles on essential oils that include Argan oilJojoba oil and Hemp oil.

Thanks for reading and all the best, Lily.

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